Logic Pro X


Music Production Software.

Logic Pro X is a macOS exclusive digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording, editing, and producing audio files. Logic is the advanced paid version of the free macOS GarageBand with more flexibbility and editing functionality. Logic Pro X sells at the total price of $199 (USD). Not bad compared to other DAWS out there that cost around 1K.

Popular artists like Tiësto, Young Guru, and Pharrel Williams use Logic Pro X as their main DAW.

Logic Remote.

Logic Pro users could connect their iOS devices to control functions remotely on the DAW. Easily pair and play instruments and control volume settings and more.

The free Music Memos iOS app is a great companion for Logic Pro X that allows users to record tracks on their mobile and tablet devices to later migrate them into Logic Pro X. The Music Memos app really comes in handy when your away from the studio and need to put ideas down before they’re long gone. It is a great scale identifier tool as well.

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